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Advice for Parents


First of all be thankful you know, too many children keep being bullied a secret for far to long and suffer in silence. Now you know here are a few tips to help you help your child to be bully free.


Make sure your child understands that no one deserves to be bullied and if it wasnt them it would be someone else.


Calling the bullys parents may or may not stop the bullying. Most parents would like their children to behave, however i wouldnt recommend contacting the bullys parents.


Try and help your child understand about why some children are bullies. Explain that perhaps they havent been brought up as well as them, they could be impulsive and even misstreated at home. Bullies like to show off and think they are better then others and could even be jealous of your child.


Tell your childs teacher immediatly about the bullying and everything you know, this may be enough for some intervention from the school and might put an end to it. If this doesnt stop the bullying then get as much detail as you can from your child and make a report and even take photos of any injuries so once you have gathered enough evidence you can present this to the school to prove that it is serious and not just a bit of messing around. The questions you need to ask is who is involved in the bullying, when and what actually happened, where did it happen and were there any witnesses, do they know why it happened was thier something that triggered it off such as being in a certain area out of view from adults?


Is there anything about your child that draws some negitive attention that could be changed?


Whatever the reasons behind the bullying DON'T tell your child to retaliate as this could end up with your child or the other child getting seriously hurt and get your child into trouble with the bully walking away without any consequences and all the blame put on them.


Once you have enough evidence its time to go back to the school and ask for a meeting with the head and present your case. With all the details in hand they can see how serious it is and take action. No school wants to have a bullying problem so im sure they will deal with it. It is very important to now keep lines of communicaion open between your child and the school to ensure that things are going in the right direction.

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