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Kick out Bullying


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"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes" -Mark Twain

Darren Coleman's Anti Bullying Show

Who? What? Why? and when?


'Who?' This is a show run by myself, Darren Coleman, member of the WUMA GB Kickboxing team, FOUR times British, THREE times European and TWO times World Champion.

'What?' I do is simple. I have a show all about bullying which really grabs everyone’s attention. 'Why?' is because I was severely bullied. 'When?' did this happen? Bullying for me started at 8 years old.


In Brief

My show is a hard hitting, fact finding, eye opener to all those bullying, making those bullies think twice about what they are doing and helping the victims unlock the help and guidance to be free from the struggle of being victimised, just like I once was.


What they say

No better way than a review!


Richard Sawle (senior tutor yr 8)

Charlton School, Telford


Darren visited our school a mixed comprehensive delivering his anti bullying workshop. He addressed over 230 students in three enthralling sessions covering his personal experiences and strategies that pupils could use. Many of the comments collected from the students expressed their interest in how a successful role model could of been a victim. Other students felt that the message of building personal confidence gave them support for their journey through secondary school and beyond. We have already booked Darren to come back and would definitely recommend him to other schools.




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Darren Coleman H.O.F


Kick Out Bullying is not a promotional tool to encourage people to train in martial arts. At no point does Kick out Bullying endorse martial arts as a solution to bullying.

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  ***Latest NEWS***

Pleasure to be invited into the BBC Three Counties radio station with presenter Nick Coffer to discuss Bullying and my Anti Bullying show.


Kick out Bullying is really pleased to be 14 yrs old this year. 

Thank you to all the schools I've visited in the last decade and more. I look forward to seeing many many more throughout the year and into the future.

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