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I see lots of advice on the internet about bullying but I'm skeptical as to where the information has come from. For instance, does the author know first hand in what they are suggesting or are they just being presumptuous or just recirculating what is already out there? For me, I can 100% guarantee I have lived through bullying and survived! I hope you can all take away a little something from me to make life easier.


Even though I was bullied as a child I was brought up to always be nice and friendly. Even now, after 30 years of fighting all around the world, I respect everyone I fight and have no enemies. I care and respect about my environment and care for even those I don't know well. I live in a life where I wish everyone to be happy and confident. If you are reading this, I'm sure you, like me, wish no harm on anyone.


Bullies like to pick on others who appear weaker in some way. Maybe this is obvious but they are not likely to pick on someone who won't stand for it and can stand up for themselves. Those that are vulnerable are more likely to be victims of bullying; perhaps those new to a school and haven't had a chance to get to know everyone and make new friends. They might not know who to talk to in order to get help. They also might feel nervous because everything around them is new.


Those that only have a couple of friends could be easy targets for bullies because they are not in the popular group. Maybe they are the youngest or smallest, which also makes them potential easy targets. Maybe those that are not particularly very academic may also struggle and become targets for bullies to make fun out of. I fell into this category as a young child.







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Anti Bullying

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