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The beginning!


I was never a tough child and wore some really ugly glasses. I was also as thin as a rake and this is maybe the reason why I was constantly bullied in Junior school. Every week my glasses would be broken and something bad would happen. I hated going to school.



It had to change


​I soon realised that not doing anything about it meant it would just carry on! So I told my parents. They contacted the school and even spoke to the bully's mother. My bullying was swept under the carpet and put down to "a bit of messing around and nothing was meant by it". "Boys will be boys" I remember hearing....

My Story

My new beginning


​It took a long time for things to change and it wasn’t until my parents realised it was still going on that they decided to send me along to the local Kung Fu school. They didn’t send me there to learn how to fight but more in the hope it would teach me to be more confident and make new friends. This really worked for me and it didn’t take long before things started to change in school.



A change in lifestyle


​I was really enjoying Kung Fu and I started to feel more confident. I soon realised that what I had been learning might make me a match for my bullies. Although I wasn’t the type to engage in revenge, I did wonder if word had got out about me learning to look after myself. Whatever the reason, the bullying tailed off. It appeared I was no longer an easy target.

StagGering results


As I grew away from the dark days of being bullied, I developed into a very capable fighter. I represented Great Britain and went on to win 4 British titles, 2 European titles and became WUMA World Champion in 2008. An incredible journey that took me from a victim of bullying to being on top of the world.

My passion to stop bullying


​I had such a traumatic experience as a child and want to do as much as I can to stop others going through what I did. My bullying show talks in depth about what bullying really means and how it can really impact the victim. My show is very visual and powerful, with a power point presentation, audience participation and props that engage every year group. If you are serious about stopping bullying, than you have to see this show!

"It may have been 36 years ago when I was first bullied, but I remember it like It was yesterday. My bully probably doesn't even remember doing it!"


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