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A huge mistake so many people make is to bottle it up inside and keep it to themselves and hope it goes away. Well guess what? It's highly unlikely its going to go away on its own. Don't be afraid or feel silly to tell someone about it, noone deserves to be bullied. Tell someone you live with or maybe someone at school you can trust. Tell your teacher or in fact any teacher. Just get it out there as because until it's known about, how can people step in and help out?


Make some notes of what is happening. Jot down times and what was said. Maybe if they send you a message or write a nasty letter or post, try and keep this. This will all serve as evidence to help you prove you are really being bullied and it wasn’t just a bit of messing around during the break. I never kept a record and when it eventually came out in the open people, didn’t realise how serious it was. If only I had a record of what happened....


Bullies are opportunists. They tend to carefully select the right time to strike. An ideal time for them is when they have their friends around to witness it and none of yours and certainly no one who will stop it, report it or help you in way to deal with it.

So when you can, try and avoid being near the bully and don’t put yourself in harm's way. Try and stay with others. Try and move between classes in a group.


Watch below one of my many facebook videos, where i talk about kickoutbully and how i'm available to visit your school.

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